St. Nicholas School

Saint Nicholas Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten
“The Head Start That Lasts a Lifetime”

Our dedicated, nurturing teachers provide a “Home away from Home” in a secure, loving environment for positive learning experiences. We offer a full-day program, as well as a part-time program for both our Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten classes. We welcome all children that will be two years old by September 1 into our Pre-School program and children that will be four years of age by September 1 into our Pre-Kindergarten program. Our experienced teachers and facilities exceed the standards set by the State of California. We welcome you to come and observe our program in progress by attending our Open House or requesting a classroom observation. Our program provides a rich variety of experiences to develop the whole child.


The Saint Nicholas Pre-School is designed to be developmentally appropriate to allow each child an opportunity to experience learning when they show interest and readiness, while at the same time encouraging social awareness. This is accomplished through a combination of individual, as well as, group directed activities. Activities are planned utilizing monthly themes to focus on specific educational objectives, such as color or shape of the month. Field trips are also scheduled with optional parent participation.

Group Activities
Group activities offer children an opportunity to develop a sense of self within a community. Cooperation with others and respect for others is encouraged, while achieving educational objectives. Students will begin identifying letters and distinguishing phonetic sounds. Some activities include:

  • Music time
  • Creating craft projects to develop fine motor skills
  • Story time improves listening skills and reading readiness
  • Group instruction includes topics in science and social studies

Learning Centers
Educational objectives are also achieved through organized classroom learning centers, offering opportunities to choose areas of interest. Encouragement is placed on creativity, cooperation, sharing, and speech development. Children also begin to develop a sense of responsibility. Some of these objectives include:

  • Dress-Up Area to encourage creative role play.
  • Home Center for interactive play and cooperation.
  • Art to practice creativity and fine motor skills.
  • Building Zone to develop spatial reasoning.
  • Classroom Library for reading readiness.
  • Listening Center with stories on CDs.


The Pre-Kindergarten program at Saint Nicholas School encourages learning in a warm, nurturing atmosphere with hands-on activities that include writing, arts, crafts, music, storytelling and the introduction of writing. Self-expression and creativity are developed daily
through classroom projects, as well as, school programs. Some of the objectives achieved by our four year olds include:

  • Reading Readiness emphasizes phonetic skills at this level. Children learn to recognize the upper and lower case letters, the sounds they make, and they learn to identify pictures and words that begin with each sound.
  • Number Readiness begins with number recognition, counting, and writing the numbers 1 through 20.
  • Social Development is reinforced by practicing how to make friends, how to be a good friend, working cooperatively in a group, and how to follow group directions.
  • Hands-on Activities are especially designed to strengthen hand/eye coordination and gross motor skills.
  • Increasing Attention Span and personal responsibility are developed as children share small group experiences in rhythm, dance, song, finger plays and storytelling.
  • Creative Exploration is encouraged through painting, modeling, crafting and imaginative play.
  • Weekly Chapel attendance is an integral part of the life of the school and relationships with God are strengthened.