St. Nicholas School - History


Over 30 years ago, Father Kezios had a dream that one day St. Nicholas Church would have a parochial school. The Sunday School building was designed so that when the time came, a school could flourish on the premises. One January evening in 1977, the first members of the school board met. They were to formulate the philosophy of the new school.

Father Kezio - Building Dedication - 1979Father Kezios blesses the breaking ground for the two-story building in 1979

St. Nicholas would be child-centered, meeting the spiritual, physical, academic, and social needs of each student. It would be a traditional school where the basics would be strongly emphasized. For enrichment, music, art, social studies, science, and physical education would be a part of the curriculum. There would be a strong emphasis on high academic standards, so that students would be prepared to enter any high school or college of their choice.

The school finally opened its doors in September of 1977. As our reputation grew, and our enrollment increased, more space was needed. Our two-story building was completed in 1979 and includes a full size gymnasium, an auditorium, a music room, as well as twelve additional classrooms.

St. Nicholas - patron saint of children
St Nicholas - patron saint of children

St. Nicholas School was named after one of the most popular saints of the Christian Church. Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, was born at the turn of the fourth century, during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian in Asia Minor, and later became Archbishop. Saint Nicholas is associated with Christmas because he expressed his Christian faith by sharing his worldly possessions with those less fortunate. His life was one of giving – materially and spiritually.